Governing Body

Last Updated on: August 03, 2022

The Governing Body (GB) is the highest decision-making body fully empowered to approve and monitor progress of various activities, physical and financial management of Assam Health Infrastructure Development and Management Society (AHIDMS), to issue instructions and frame guidelines and make feedback based intra-component changes to secure objectives and goals of the society. The first Governing Body (GB) meeting was held on 24th February, 2022.

Powers and Functions of the Governing Body of Assam Health Infrastructure Development & Management Society:

a) The GB will take policy decisions related to overall functioning of the AHIDMS which would be implemented by EC of AHIDMS through PD/PMU.

b) to review the implementation of AHIDMS Projects and give overall policy guidance and directions for efficient functioning of AHIDMS Society.

c) Approval of Annual Work Plan of AHIDM Society.

d) to amend the Rules of Business of the AHIDM Society subject to the approval of Government.

e) To provide policy guidance and will be responsible for the overall planning, strategizing, and improvement for infrastructure Development in the healthcare system in the state

f) The GB will have full control of the affairs of the Society and will have the authority to exercise and perform all the powers, acts and deeds of the Society consistent with the aims and objects of the Society.

g) The GB may formulate, amend, or repeal any bye laws relating to administration and management of the affairs of the Society subject to the observance of the provisions contained in the Rules, provided that proposals for amendments shall be submitted to the State Government for its consideration and approval

h) The GB will provide general guideline and delegation of financial and administrative power and function to EC/PD/PMU/PIU of the society within the provision of Section 4 of the AHIDMS Bylaw for execution of the policy decisions.

i) The GB will monitor the financial position of the Society in order to ensure smooth flow of budgetary allocation with respect to external funding, central share, state share etc.

j) To achieve coordination and convergence amongst various state departments

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